What your visit to Lenox Museum will look like:

  • The station will open at 10:00 AM each Saturday through Labor Day Weekend.

  • Masks or face coverings are required during the entirety of the visit – please bring one with you!

  • Your visit will be approximately 1 hour long.

  • When you arrive, please enter Lenox Station following the posted signage: 

    • The ticket agent will welcome you and at that time you can purchase tickets for the experience.

    • Entrance fee (children/adult): $5 (debit/credit cards only - no cash) 

    • Guests are required to complete the “Museum Visitor Log” and provide the required contact information per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

  • Directional signage will be located throughout our facility. This will help manage social distancing and help flow of traffic.

  • Your tickets are good for the exhibits inside Lenox Station, a train ride on our "yard jitney", and a guided tour of our yard. 

    • A maximum of 18 people are permitted in Lenox Station at a time​

    • A maximum of 10 people are permitted on the guided tour of the yard 

    • Guests are prohibited from consuming food and drink within Lenox Station, the jitney, and exhibits. The only permitted exception to this is the consumption of water, brought by the guest, in outdoor areas when adequate social distance is available.

Regulating the number of visitors for safe social distancing:

  • Our museum will be operating at 50% capacity per Massachusetts requirements.

Staff training and procedures:

  • Masks will be required for all Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum volunteers and contractors.

  • All returning staff members and volunteers will learn the proper way to wear a mask, wash hands, maintain social distancing, and other safety protocols.

  • Contracted cleaners will be utilized to ensure a thorough cleaning of the premises after the close of each operating day.

Re-opening procedures:

  • We will thoroughly clean our facilities and institute enhanced cleaning protocols, in adherence to CDC guidelines.

  • Free-standing hand sanitizing stations will be installed throughout our public spaces.

  • We will remove or limit the use of interactive exhibits to limit touch points.

  • One-way traffic flow will be utilized through signage.

  • A Plexiglass shield will be installed at our ticketing/store register.

  • Visitors older than age 2 will be required to wear masks. 

  • Social distancing of 6’ will be implemented and monitored throughout our museum. Parties entering our museums together may remain together, and children must remain with an adult at all times

  • Volunteers will be trained to follow CDC guidelines and ensuring that visitors are following social distancing guidelines

  • High touch-point areas throughout the day and restrooms will be sanitized each day

  • Our Museum Store will be open and adhering to social distancing guidelines

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