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BSRM is currently seeking funding to proceed further on its Master Plan prepared by William Calligari which includes construction of a replica freight station featuring a library with exhibit space, construction of a restoration shop with visitor’s gallery and purchase of the neighboring property which will return the area to its authentic turn of the century appearance.


Restoration of Scenic Vista and Open Space

Many of our guests note that Lenox station cannot be seen from Willow Creek Road. This was not always the case. By purchasing the adjoining property and demolishing the industrial building on the site, this area would be restored to its turn of the century appearance and allow an uninhibited view of Woods Pond and October Mountain State Forest. This property was acquired by BSRM in 2010, and we are currently seeking support to help us expand our museum facilities and further our mission of education through restoration.

As part of our maintenance program, an engine service track with inspection pit was installed in 2005. This allows the museum’s volunteers to conduct periodic FRA-mandated inspections of its equipment. However, our mechanical staff still works outdoors, in all weather, performing routine maintenance and restoration work. Due to the harsh Berkshire winters, most of our restoration and maintenance work is halted during this time. Because our locomotives are not stored in a heated environment, this also limits our ability to offer trains during the winter season. An engine house will allow for expanded restoration work and provide a venue for guests to view ongoing maintenance and restoration. Guests will learn what it takes to keep these machines operating by walking safely along a visitor’s gallery above the shop floor.

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