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  • Where are you located?
    The BSRM has two locations: For a tradtional train ride experience, please visit us at our Adams, MA location for our Hoosac Valley Train Ride which is located at 5 Hoosac Street, Adams, MA. Parking for the Hoosac Valley Train Ride is located at the Adams Visitors Center, 3 Hoosac Street, Adams, MA. Our Lenox Museum is located at 10 Willow Creek Road, Lenox, MA.
  • When are you open?
    The BSRM is all-volunteer operation and we are open seasonally. Our Lenox location is open for public visitation from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Lenox Station is not open on Federal Holidays. Our Hoosac Valley Train Ride operates on WEEKENDS & FEDERAL HOLIDAYS ONLY from Memorial Day weekend to the end of October with special event trains periodically thereafter.
  • How do I purchase tickets?
    Advance tickets for train rides may be purchased online from this website. To ensure contactless payments during the coronavirus pandemic, all tickets for train rides must be purchased in advance on our website. Tickets may be purchased on our website upon your arrival in Adams, but we highly recommend advance ticket purchases to avoid disappointment in the event a train sells out. Tickets for our Lenox Museum are available on site.
  • Where do I go to catch the train ride and where do I park?
    Train rides board in Adams, MA. Parking is at the Adams Visitors Center, 3 Hoosac Street. Please park in the visitors center parking lot; signs will be posted. Restrooms and other visitor information is available inside the Visitors Center. To access the train and ticket office, follow the "rail trail" accross Hoosac Street and look for our canopy and platform. Signage is displayed with instructions on where to board. *Please do not park in the mill parking lot adjacent to the train.
  • How long are the train rides?
    Our rides are a round trip between Adams and North Adams. They last approximately 60-75 minutes.
  • How can I become a volunteer?
    We are excited that you are interested in volunteering! Please click on the Contact Us tab at the bottom of this page and send us a message. We will get you involved in the areas you are interested in pursuing.
  • Does a toddler/infant require a ticket?
    Tickets for children under the age of 3 are free, however they must be seated on the lap of an adult during the ride. Our train crew will ask that children under the age of 3 be moved to an adult's lap, especially during times of high passenger traffic.
  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes. We offer a discount for groups of 20 or more for Summer Excursions and Fall Foliage trains; groups of 60 or more must charter the entire train (for RDC equipped trains). We do not offer group discounts for special event trains (i.e. Tinseliner). Please send us a message using the Contact Us tab at the bottom of this page for more information.
  • When should I arrive for my train?
    We strongly recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure to allow time to park your vehicle, use the restroom, pickup/purchse tickets, shop in our museum store and relax! Trains depart on schedule and will not wait for late arriving passengers.
  • What kind of train is it?
    BSRM operates traditional diesel powered equipment. Although we have a large collection of equipment, our Hoosac Valley Train Ride operates regularly with a classic 1955 Budd RDC or self-propelled passenger car. Budd RDCs are historically correct for this route.
  • Are you accessible for those requiring mobility assistance?
    Due to the historic nature of our equipment, we cannot presently accommodate a passenger who requires a standard width, non-transfer wheelchair due to the structural construction of our RDC and coach equipment. However, our Adams Boarding location features an ADA compliant ramp for level boarding and our crew will be happy to assist in anyway possible for those who require boarding assistance. Passengers do not disembark on our regularly scheduled trains during the summer and fall except at Adams Station. For special event trains where passengers will disembark, please see the event specifics as a lift may be available.
  • Is the train air conditioned? Heated?
    Our Budd Rail Diesel Car is equipped with its original 1950's era Frigidaire Air Conditioning System. Although the system was state of the art at the time the RDC was built and is fully operational, it may not meet the cooling expectations of modern society. The train crew will monitor the climate of the car and take reasonable steps to address any passenger concerns over temperature. The RDC is equipped with a fully redundant heating system. Please be mindful of the weather conditions on the day of your visit and dress accordingly.
  • Is there a restroom aboard the train?
    No, there is no restroom onboard. The Budd RDC was originally equipped with direct drop toilets. Due to modern environmental regulations this system is no longer legal. We recommend that passengers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure and utilize the restrooms inside the Adams Visitors Center which have been made available to our guests by the Town of Adams.
  • May I bring food/drink on-board the train?
    On most of our trains we do allow lite snacks and beverages to be brought onboard and consumed during the ride. However, there are no tables or trays in the coaches for meals so prepare accordingly. Also, we ask that you are mindful of our volunteer train crew who have to clean up after your visit so that our future passengers arrive to a clean seat, just like you will. Therefore, please use lids on beverages to avoid spills and please, pack in and pack out, to the best of your ability. We ask that you dispose of any food waste or large items in rubbish containers outside of the train. Thank you. On some specific trains, however, food and beverages are not permitted due to the classic nature of the train equipment. We will do the best we can to inform passengers in advance!
  • May I bring my dog/pet on board?
    No. For the comfort of all passengers BSRM does not permit pets onboard our trains. Further, emotional support Animals are also not permitted Only trained service animal that performs a specific service will be permitted onboard.
  • Does the train go through the Hoosac Tunnel?
    No, the train does not go through the Hoosac Tunnel which remains an active freight rail corridor vital to our nation's economy. Although you cannot see the tunnel from the train, our on-board narration does discuss the historical significance of the tunnel to the region and the nearby Western Gateway Heritage State Park Visitors Center has excellent exhibits that explore the tunnel's significance. Although we understand you may be disappointed, please know that the tunnel is essentialy 15 minutes of riding in complete darkness.
  • Is there a narration on-board the train?
    Yes, there is narration on our trains. Some of our volunteers may expand on the narration to include the history of the surroundings or particular locations you see from the train.
  • When is the best time to see fall foliage?
    The quality and timing of fall foliage depends on a number of environmental factors beyond our control. Typically, fall foliage season lasts from late September through late October. Please check weather forecasts and other readily available foliage informational sources so you are not disapointed.
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