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Stockbridge Station

Built 1893 by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

Designed by Frank Waller 

Stockbridge Station.jpg

The historic Stockbridge Railroad Station was built in 1893, replacing the original wooden structure, with funds partially furnished by the Laurel Hill Association, the nation’s first village improvement society. The association played an important role in the development of Stockbridge and helped create the town’s reputation as an attractive community. The association’s work to beautify the town encouraged the growth of tourism, including attracting wealthy cottagers who summered in Stockbridge and they received a handsome train station to greet them upon their arrival.


Built with beautiful blue dolomite stone, it was designed by architect Frank Waller in the English Gothic Revival style and used by the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad until the early 1960's. Over the years, it was used for several commercial ventures, including a nightclub and was almost destroyed by a kitchen fire on July 22, 1965. It was purchased by Berkshire philanthropists Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick’s High Meadow Foundation in 1997 and subsequently restored as a railroad station. From 2003 until 2011, the station served as the BSRM's southern terminus for its train rides and was the site of many memorable special events.

Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum took formal control of the historic structure in 2013. Through a lease agreement with the High Meadow Foundation, the future of this historic station has been entrusted to BSRM. “We are humbled that the Fitzpatrick family and High Meadow Foundation is entrusting this important piece of Stockbridge history to our organization. We will cherish it,” stated Rick Selva, then President of the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum. Even though BSRM cannot presently bring its trains to Stockbridge, it is planning for the future and intends to use the historic building to install historic, educational exhibits and continue to use the property for occasional special events once tourist train service is restored to the Berkshire Line. 

Stockbridge Station Vintage #2.jpg

BSRM also plans to eventually market the beautiful building and grounds for weddings, business functions, and other gatherings. “Our goal is to bring our tourist trains back here because Senator Fitzpatrick enjoyed seeing a Berkshire Scenic train and our passengers at the station,” commented Jay R. Green, current President of BSRM, referencing State Senator Jack Fitzpatrick’s long-standing tradition to often meet Berkshire Scenic trains as they arrived at the station. It was through the efforts of Senator Fitzpatrick that Berkshire Scenic resumed train rides in 2003 after being sidetracked in 1989 due to poor track condition.

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