BRMX 1113

Built by General Motors, Electro-Motive Division, LaGrange, Illinois, October, 1941

Model: SW-1

Serial Number: 

Weight: 196,00lbs

B&M 1113 is seen for the last time in its original B&M livery at North Adams, MA on May 27,1959 shortly before its sale to the Holyoke Water Power Company. Photo courtesy of Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society. Photo Credit: Harry A. Frye Collection.


Built in October of 1941, just two months before the US entered WWII and locomotive production was halted as America's industrial plants mobilized for war production, 1113 is representative of the type of diesel-electric locomotive that would help revolutionize the railroad industry. Ordered by New England's Boston & Maine Railroad (class DS-2c), 1113 performed its duties in New Hampshire and Mechanicville, NY until it was sold to Western Massachusetts' Holyoke Water Power Company in 1959. HWP built a new, state of the art coal fired steam generating plant at Mount Tom Junction in Holyoke. 1113 was renumbered 1849 by HWP to commemorate the opening of the Hadley Falls Dam which fueled the power canal system in Holyoke. 1849 toiled at the Mount Tom plant for 44 years, helping to keep the region's lights on until the plant was decommissioned in 2014. 1849 was declared surplus and earmarked for destruction. In 2018, after earlier failed attempts, BSRM was able to save the vintage locomotive from the scrapper's torch. Protected by years of seclusion and attentive caretakers, 1113 exists as a preserved example of diesel locomotive development in the steam to diesel transition era and is one of the oldest remaining operational Boston & Maine locomotives. 


1113 is equipped with a 6-cylinder, model 567 prime mover and generates 600hp. 1113 retains many of its original characteristics and BSRM has developed a multiphase restoration program for the classic EMD. A period correct bell and horn were purchased to replace the missing components, its batteries have been brought back to life and several other items have been sent out for restoration. Mechanical inspections continue, quotes for metal repair, glass repair, sandblasting and paint are being acquired during 2018. BSRM is seeking donations to help restore the unit to full, operational condition and restore its original livery. At the end of the project, 1113 will once again proudly wear the Boston & Maine Railroad name and be preserved for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. 1113 is assigned to BSRM's Hoosac Valley operations in North Adams/Adams, MA. 

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