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Berkshire Railway Museum Posters

Introducing Our New Berkshire Poster Series

Step back in time with the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum's latest venture—a captivating poster series designed to ignite the spirit of vintage railroad advertisements. Reminiscent of the vibrant artwork from the Works Progress Administration era in the 1930s, these posters pay homage to the golden age of rail travel.

The first three of the series illustrate the Fall Foliage Train Rides, Hoosac Valley Train Ride, and Greylock Glen.


Each 11x17 masterpiece is crafted in the classic style that once graced the tourist attractions along historic railroad routes.

Price: $12.95

Available at the Hoosac Valley Train Ride's gift shop located at the Adams Station, The Wigwam Western Summit, 57 Park Street, and WardMaps, LLC

Train_Final-01 (2) (2)
Greylock Glen (1)
Winter_Revised_Final (1)
Snow Train Poster_Vertical_Updated-02 (1)
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