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BSRM 8619

Built: Electro-Motive Division, 1953

Serial Number: 16194

Weight: 115 tons (230,000 pounds)


Where larger locomotives were needed out on the mainlines to haul heavy trains, railroads turned to smaller “switcher” types to handle chores in yards and on local freights. BSRM 8619 is a model SW-8, a diesel-electric switcher that was built by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors in LaGrange, IL. It was built in February 1953 and is equipped with a model 8-567-B, 8-cylinder diesel engine, which generates 800 horsepower.

Built for the New York Central Railroad as number 9619, it was designated class DES-18C. It became Penn Central 8619 in 1968 and was passed on to Conrail in 1976. BSRM purchased 8619 from Conrail in 1985. Museum volunteers restored the unit and painted it in a scheme that was reminiscent of the New Haven’s own fleet of diesel switchers.

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